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Pianoles zonder piano, heeft dat zin?

I can reply to this question with this analogy: "Can you start to play golf without having a club?".

Yes, you can! Still, after a few lessons, you will need a simple one for practising the basics of a correct swing.

Why do you need a piano?

You need a piano for practising between your piano lessons. Your brain has to create neural paths that permit you to form certain habits; they will give you the possibility to play the piano correctly and efficiently. 

After knowing the necessity of having a piano for practising, many beginners start to worry about buying a big and expensive piano. Because of that, people don’t even begin to take their first piano lesson; in reality, there are cheaper solutions that are easier to reach for a beginner.

Which piano do you need?

For starting to play the piano, what you need is nothing big and, especially, nothing that can make you broke! 

Here below, I’ll make a list of the options that make your dream of having piano lessons come true:

  • Buy a second-hand vertical piano
  • Buy a second-hand digital piano
  • Rent an acoustic piano
  • Rent a digital piano

Some music stores even make possible the “rent-to-buy” option. You can rent now a piano and buy it later; what you’re going to pay is the original price minus the rents you already paid. 

See the 2-minute video I created for you about which piano you can buy.

"What if I am going to quit playing the piano?"

If you bought a second-hand piano, most of the time, it’s easy to resell it at the same price you purchased it.

In case you rented a piano, you have to check the deal you signed with the piano dealer!

Whatever the solution you take, both provide a cheaper solution than buying a new piano.

Piano lessons without a piano? Try another solution:

Although it can seem expensive to have a piano, piano sellers and music shops are trying to make pianos more accessible to beginners. In addition to this, piano manufacturers are trying to develop particular technologies for giving the pianist the feeling of a real piano in electronic keyboards.

As you can see in this blog post, I gave you the most common options people choose when they want to take their first piano. Even if you are not sure for how long you are going to take piano lessons, with these options, it’s possible to have one immediately without a big budget. 

If you’re interested in starting playing the piano and having your first piano lesson, please check the other blog posts I have written for you. Awareness and knowledge are the keys to start playing the piano correctly, and that’s what we give to our students in Studio MusicalMente! 

Curious for your first piano lesson?

piano lessons den haag

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