Music lessons are so much more than just pressing the right key on the piano or singing the right note. Especially adults who start music lessons have a lot of questions and encounter various challenges during the music lessons. Therefore we offer extra information with our piano lessons and vocal lessons.

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Why do I have a tight throat in singing

Many beginners have a tight voice when singing. It can feel like the throat is closing up, and singing can cause pain in the throat. The higher the note, the worse the throat squeezes. Singing thus becomes a unpleasant affair. This while singing should feel free and relaxed, right? ​

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Six Obstacles when you start singing lessons

There are many new impressions when you start singing lessons and therefore it is logical that you also encounter some problems during the lessons or when practicing at home. This can slow down your progress and be discouraging. In this article are 6 obstacles when you start singing lessons that are unknown to most new students. Take advantage of them.

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Fouten maken in muziek mistakes in music

Making mistakes in music

Also so afraid of making a mistake when you make music? You’re not the only one. The problem with mistakes and making music is that you often only have one chance to get it right. But, is perfection even important? Or is it okay to make mistakes in music?

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volwassenen muziekles en het brein

Motivation in Music Lessons for Adults

Taking music lesson as an adult comes with a lot of challenges. It can be hard not to be demotivated. Learn here how you can ensure to stay motivated while making the most out of your music practice.

We take you on a journey through your brain: how does it stop you from learning and what can you do about it.

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Singing with Asthma, Zingen met astma

Singing with Asthma

I want to talk about coping with your asthma while singing through four questions:

Can I sing with asthma?
Can I sing in a choir with asthma?
How can asthma medication impact my voice?
How can I cope with my asthma during singing?

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how to sing long notes

How to sing long notes?

When we speak we hardly ever think of the length of the words we say. We just say them and usually they’re short.
When we sing this is so different: notes can be very long. In this explanation I will give you tips on how to sing long notes without pressing them. I will give you a technical and a musical path. Both paths reinforce each other.

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