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Music lessons in Den Haag for Adults

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Studio MusicalMente is the first music school in Den Haag that specializes in adults. We firmly believe you’re never too old to learn something new. You only change the ways how you learn something new. That’s why we developed a method that made learning music possible for adult people. We take into account that our students have little time and therefore we give ways to get nice musical results more efficiently.
Piano lessons Den Haag adults

What you get

Musical Goals

With musical goals, you can take a new step every time by defining musical goals instead of staying in the same circle every lesson.You will have your musical goals defined and you will have a plan for reaching your goals.

Opinion student

You tell us what you want to learn. You are the starting point. In this way you learn how to give yourself feedback and you can start finding your own creative solutions.

Focus on the way you learn best

You have your own unique ways for learning and therefore your lesson will be tailored on you to make it a perfect fit. You play and sing music you like and get exercises adapted for you.

Getting to know the instrument

You discover how piano playing is more than just pressing the right keys and singing more than singing notes. By knowing you instrument better, you create more variety in music-making and have more tools for overcoming difficult passages in the music.


Your music lesson doesn’t stop at the door of the music room. The way in which you practice has a big influence on your progress and therefore it's not separated from you music lesson. You start your practice session already in the lesson so you won’t go home without knowing what and how to practice.

Measurable results

You want to progress on your instrument. You want to see and hear that you're improving. In Studio MusicalMente you learn how you can keep track on where you are in your learning process. So you have a clear idea of your own musical direction.

Music Teachers

Both Boukje and Luca are qualified music teachers. They also have experience with teaching children, adults, individuals and groups. Currently, they’re in the second year of the Master Program at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag. In this section, they introduce themselves.
Music Lessons in Den Haag

Luca Ridolfo

Piano Teacher

Luca started to play the piano at the age of 8 years old, showing also an early interest in writing his own music. During his course of studying he has followed lessons with jazz and classical teachers from all around the world, inspired by their musical point of view which he transmitted to his students in his prior teaching experiences in Italy and in Spain. Luca, while trying to learn Dutch at his own best, is able to give lessons in English, Italian and Spanish.

"The teacher is the person that gives the student the tools to make himself/herself independent in a way that he/she is able to understand the music in the truest form."

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Website Luca

Boukje van Gelder Vocal teacher

Boukje van Gelder

Vocal Teacher

Boukje started singing when she was two years old. After playing piano and cello she started with vocal lessons and later decided that she wanted to be a singer. She loves to sing Bach and American song repertoire. In her Bachelor’s she did an internship in which she had to give vocal lessons and she liked it so much that she wants to continue to teach.

“To make music with your voice is something beautiful and also personal because every voice has its own sound and colour. With all my vocal teachers I learned different ways to find my own sound in a way that feels free. Now I like to help other people with finding their own sound.”  

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Website Boukje

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For starting Music lessons

We created 2 videos for you, each with 6 points that can already help you on your way with your music lessons. They are really nice for beginners that don’t know what to expect. Click on the picture and subscribe yourself to receive the videos!

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We rent a fully equiped  Music Studio in Koorenhuis Den Haag. Koorenhuis is a lively environment with lots, of music, dance, theater, art and more.
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