About Us

Who are we?

We’re Luca Ridolfo and Boukje van Gelder, and we started Studio MusicalMente in 2018. We’re both passionate about music since we were children. But we weren’t Musical Wonder Kids. We had a lot of fun making music and a drive to learn more about it. Our music teachers mentored and encouraged us always to continue.

And for sure, we continued so far that we went on to complete a music degree from the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. And even after that, we will never stop learning.

We firmly believe that everyone can improve their musicality and that this shouldn’t be restricted only to children. Therefore we decided to open a music school for adults in Den Haag.

We feel that learning positive hobbies with positive role models is one of the most beneficial things for growing new skills and learning more about yourself.

Luca Ridolfo Piano Teacher

Luca Ridolfo - Piano Teacher

“I had so many great teachers in my life who gave me a lot of exciting input. It was always fascinating but sometimes also overwhelming because there was no order in the chaos. Now I aim to structure this input into practical piano courses everyone can follow: beginner or advanced.”

Boukje van Gelder - Zangdocent

Boukje van Gelder - Vocal Teacher

“With many of my teachers, I had a great connection. So many times, I came out of the singing lesson with a blast, feeling so motivated to sing more. I want to pass this feeling of eagerness on to my students.”

Our Mission


Challenging Lessons

We challenge you in your music lesson, so you'll always learn something new, regardless of your level.



We want to build a community, so we offer group classes and student concerts. Meeting other students is inspiring.


Musical Goals

We look at your individual musical goals to build a custom learning path. We look for the best options.


Songs you love

We help you to play and sing songs you love. So your music journey becomes way more fun.

What our Students Say