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Surprise yourself with how much you can learn

Piano Lessons
Den Haag

Surprise yourself with how much you can learn

Are you looking for piano lessons in Den Haag? On this page Luca Ridolfo explains what he thinks is important when you want to start with piano lessons. Adults and children are both welcome!

Piano lessons: where to start

How many times did you want to start playing the piano?

I’m pretty sure you went all through these steps:

  1. Wrote “piano lessons in Den Haag” on Google
  2. Clicked through different links (included this one)
  3. Compared different brilliant teachers.



…you haven’t taken any decision so far as. They all seem great choices, but you don’t know which is the best one FOR YOU!

In this page you’ll read how you can choose the right piano teacher and you’ll learn what Studio MusicalMente can offer you.

How to choose the right piano teacher?

First, you have to understand what you’re looking for in your piano lessons, following these 5 points. They will get you a clearer idea about who you are so that you can be able to present yourself in a clear way to your new piano teacher. This will permit you to save time. 

1. Are you an adult, or are you finding piano lessons for your child?

It is definitely still possible to start piano lessons as an adult. It doesn’t even need to be a disadvantage. How many children stop their music lessons, because they don’t have the patience for it? As an adult, your attention span is better than as a child. 

Studio MusicalMente is the first music school for adults in Den Haag. We want to prove that it’s possible to start playing the piano as an adult and even becoming a good pianist. For doing so, you need a clear study routine that can take into account your busy life. That’s why our students use the MusicalMente Agenda to keep track of what you have to do at home and how much minutes will it takes. In this way, you’ll progress steadily within your time schedule.

2. Are you sure to have piano lessons at your home?

Many people and many teachers offer you having piano lessons at home. But… is it really efficient? In fact, you’ll probably know that each piano is different. Being able to play on a different piano is what will make a difference in the long run. In Studio MusicalMente you’ll have the opportunity to play on another piano different than yours you have at home. We keep it regulated in a way that it can be as honest as possible, making you able to develop your artistic independence.  

3. Which genre would you like to play?

Classical, pop, rock, jazz, gospel… there’re so many musical genres you can play with the piano. Still, every piano teacher has his strong genre. Understanding what you want really helps you to get a better teacher for you.

Luca Ridolfo, the piano teacher in Studio MusicalMente, regularly plays in Classical, pop and jazz gigs with past experience in Rock and Gospel music. He considers himself a pianist but had a lot of experience as a keyboardist.

In this video Luca shows you 3 styles you can play on the piano: classical, jazz and rock.

4. Are you a complete beginner, or did you already start playing the piano?

Whatever your level is, it is important to define it with your future teacher. In particular, it’s essential to know if you have any past experience in playing the piano, with a teacher for example, or you’re starting entirely from zero.

Do you know how to read notes? Do you know the notes on the piano? If you don’t, don’t worry!

In Studio MusicalMente we have a proprietary method for learning how to read notes, student-proof, whatever their age is. It takes only 5 minutes a week.

5. Does the piano teacher have more material?

Sometimes it’s interesting to see what a teacher can offer you. Does he/she have more material to watch and to read? In this way, you can understand their ideas and concepts they can teach you.

Luca Ridolfo is continuously creating new content for his students for giving them the best piano learning experience. He’s the author of the ebook “What Teachers never told you about starting piano lessons”, “Improve at the piano” and the coming one “Adventures of an adult piano beginner”. He’s also created for Studio MusicalMente the video series “6 points for improving your piano playing”. He created the MusicalMente “Reading Notes” reading method, allowing students to fasten their sight-reading.

Now you have two possibilities:

  • Looking for all this information about the other teachers, which will take time and effort.
  • Reading this page and discovering more about piano lessons in Studio MusicalMente.

A different approach for piano lessons

Through the years, I developed a personal approach to teaching which involves you in both creatively and technically at the piano. My aim is to develop your musical sense. In this way, the “boring” stuff is taken to a new level, transforming the technical exercise into a musical one. This is where some teachers fail, they prescribe books full of exercises with no artistic sense. If music would be just a technical matter, why then is music still made by humans and not by robots?

I think that if a teacher asks something to their students, it’s because he or she believes that the student can do what the teacher is saying.

What teachers never told you about starting Piano lessons

Send me now!

After the subscription, you’ll receive an email for confirming your address. Confirm it and you’ll receive your ebook!


All of the information you need to become a piano player is in this free ebook! Even if you have never seen a piano in your life, choose your right teacher and piano spending your money and time wisely, while other beginners make blind decisions. In less than 15 minutes reading, all your questions and doubts will be replied, guaranteed!

The piano teacher for your needs

With this page, you are better informed on how to find the right teacher for you. Use the 5 steps to understand better what you want and then find the most appropriate teacher for you. I’ll guarantee you that in this way you’ll have better piano lessons and the right good teacher for your needs.

Why don't you try it? Book your piano lesson online!

Now that you even know more about having your piano lessons at Studio Musicalmente, you can book your try-out lesson in just 5 minutes on this link.  No waiting lists. You can do it immediately.

Click on it, choose your best time and pay the try out lesson fee (15€, free if you decide to continue having lessons with us!)

If you still are not sure about us, read a few of the reviews my students wrote.


Piano lessons Den Haag adults

What you get

Musical Goals

With musical goals, you can take a new step every time by defining musical goals instead of staying in the same circle every lesson.You will have your musical goals defined and you will have a plan for reaching your goals.

Opinion student

You tell us what you want to learn. You are the starting point. In this way you learn how to give yourself feedback and you can start finding your own creative solutions.

Focus on the way you learn best

You have your own unique ways for learning and therefore your lesson will be tailored on you to make it a perfect fit. You play and sing music you like and get exercises adapted for you.

Getting to know the instrument

You discover how piano playing is more than just pressing the right keys and singing more than singing notes. By knowing you instrument better, you create more variety in music-making and have more tools for overcoming difficult passages in the music.


Your music lesson doesn’t stop at the door of the music room. The way in which you practice has a big influence on your progress and therefore it's not separated from you music lesson. You start your practice session already in the lesson so you won’t go home without knowing what and how to practice.

Measurable results

You want to progress on your instrument. You want to see and hear that you're improving. In Studio MusicalMente you learn how you can keep track on where you are in your learning process. So you have a clear idea of your own musical direction.

Why I teach Piano

I remember the instructions I got in my early piano lessons:

  • "Play this passage again with a stronger sound.";
  • "Don't place your fingers like this, look at mine how to do it."; or:
  • "Play this chord instead of that one."

I did it of course, but I still didn’t have any clue of the why I should do all those things. In my head, I had more than one question mark and I was seriously committed to finding the reason why I had to change things. Because in the end the reason is the core of the problem. Sometimes I had the sensation teachers just provided me with shortcuts and not the full explanations I needed to find my own way of playing the piano.

Fortunately afterwards I met some great teachers who were willing to transmit their knowledge to me. For me, the successful teacher it’s the one that gives students ways to understand the problems they’re facing and being able to find solutions independently and creatively. This is what I want to transmit to you, so you won't be left with question marks.

Piano lessons Den Haag


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