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HOW TO STUDY EFFICIENTLY, without losing your time so you can play or sing better without being a music genius

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Are you looking for how to study music efficiently?

If you are struggling with finding the time for playing your instrument, in the next three minutes, you’ll discover how to study more efficiently than you have ever done before. You’ll also discover a tool for improving your study practice that will make you instantly a better musician – without being a musical genius.

The Problem of Time

What most people think is that to be able to play music or to sing requires a lot of time, even 10,000 hours if you want to be an expert! And that’s a big problem because it’s probable that you want to:

  • play for having fun,
  • get better while having fun,
  • Spend less time than 10,000 hours.

Probably, different things make you lose your precious time, such as:

  • Understanding which things you have to practice more.
  • Understanding in which order to practice them.

If you are losing time choosing what to do first and then doing half of what you have preplanned in your mind, you will feel like you’re wasting time when you’re studying. After a few months, this routine will start making you feel like you’re not a person cut for music.

To compensate all of this, it’s probable that you’re planning 1 hour and a half of practice sessions, even if you started music lessons two months ago. “Hey, but that’s normal” – you say – “ professional piano players study 8 hours a day!”.

Since you want to become good on your instrument, it’s even probable that you were thinking about these solutions:

  • Go to a teacher who teaches you more concepts
  • Buy more books to study
  • Study more

If you have already done so, you likely felt excited in the first two days. After those couple of days, you left everything and returned to the starting point.

I’ll tell you: these solutions don’t work. It’s impossible to keep up with this amount of work. That’s unrealistic, and you’ll feel like music is not something for you.

That doesn’t happen because of you, but due to your approach.

Change of Approach

What you need to do is to change your approach

In fact, read this quote of this BBC article:

Ericsson then pointed out that 10,000 was an average, and that many of the best musicians in his study had accumulated “substantially fewer” hours of practice. He underlined, also, that the quality of the practice was important. (

You can deduct how the quality of those hours spent to study can be lower than the 10,000 hours threshold. What you need now is to find something that makes you able to spend less time while improving the quality of the time you spend.

But before finding this, you need to understand this simple principle:

You are your own teacher!

Students often see themselves only as such. In truth, when you are at home, you are not only a student, you are the teacher of yourself! In this perspective, how much responsibility do you have every time you practice at home?

If you see yourself as a teacher, you are more important than your music teacher.

If you understand this, you are already one step ahead of all the others who study music.

The difference between you and your teacher

What are the factors that make the difference between a student and a teacher? Your teacher differs from you in these three things. That’s it.

the three elements

In Your Music Journal



Typically, all students think that teachers have only one more thing than them - knowledge! They went through all those tests and retries until they found the right way to do something, acquiring knowledge. And that's precisely why you go to a music teacher: to have the right solution immediately, so you can save a lot of time.

Application of knowledge

Application of knowledge

Of course, a teacher just not only possesses the knowledge, but he/she can apply it, on himself and you. In fact, knowledge without application is useless. The application makes it possible to solve your problems. The only issue is that you’re not a computer: you need to repeat a task for learning something new.

Study method

Study Method

The element that makes everything efficient and put together knowledge and the application is the study method. How many times does the teacher make you repeat that passage until it becomes that good? That’s a component of the study method.


To sum up:

To be a better student, you must be a better teacher of yourself!

So which is the thing that, if you would work on it, would immediately enhance your playing? As I wrote to you before, knowledge is learned over time, and awareness is the fruit of knowledge that has been applied. The only element that remains, and on which it is easier to work is your study method.

Improve your study method

The teacher you need to change is the your-self teacher. If you pay a teacher who verifies your constancy better than the old yourself has done so far, you can improve much more quickly. Simple as that.

For verifying your constancy, this new teacher of yours has a powerful tool: the Studio MusicalMente Journal.

Are you studying constantly? The journal tells you in the blink of an eye.

Are you studying what the teacher requires, without forgetting anything and feeling bad in front of your teacher? You know it on the journal right away.

Do you have to study a passage because it is impossible? You can write it down to study it every day.

Are you merely doing exercises, or do you want to become more artistic? Every week a new question to make you think about how you are studying and how to be more musical.


The Studio MusicalMente


Your Music Journal

What you will get

The Studio MusicalMente Journal is a journal that make you accountable for how you’re doing at home. For every week there are two pages, in which you can plan your work so that you know every time what to study, how to study, and how to make your practice routine creative.

You can plan 35 weeks of studying in your journal.The journal comes out in A4 format physical product, ring binding, so it’s easier for you to take notes and fold it. We have chosen quality paper, so you can cancel and rewrite things without breaking pages. You’ll receive it through via courier.

There are three different modules in the journal to plan your week in the best way possible so that you can make the most out of your time. Let’s see them!

Module 1: The grid

This part is the core of the journal. Here you can write all the exercises and pieces you have to study. And not only (that why is different!): you can tick every day you study something, so you can see for real if you are constant in your studies.

We also added a column for the time it takes to you to study that particular piece. This estimation could be given by the teacher or you if you have the experience to do so. Mind that it’s a rough estimation. In case you are one of those super busy people, this can help you to plan your day and to dedicate that right amount of time for your practice session.

Why is this module important?

This part is essential because:

  • you can see at a glance all the things you have to study during the week.
  • What you have to do it’s all clear because you wrote it down
  • You can evaluate your study time. How you’re using it?
  • You can measure your constancy.

Result that you have by doing so:

  • you can see at a glance all the things you have to study during the week.
  • What you have to do it’s all clear because you wrote it down
  • You can evaluate your study time. How you’re using it?
  • You can measure your constancy.
Module 2: the grey area section

In this part, you can write down the difficult parts you’re encountering while you study. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of thing we have to consider. In this way, you can assure yourself to study those particular “grey areas” in which you need specific attention, so they’ll become more comfortable to be played.

Why is this module important?

This part is essential because:

  • It creates focus in your study
  • You don’t get distracted by all the other things you have to study
  • You’ll not feel overwhelmed

Result that you have by doing so:

  • you can see at a glance all the things you have to study during the week.
  • What you have to do it’s all clear because you wrote it down
  • You can evaluate your study time. How you’re using it?
  • You can measure your constancy.
Module 3: The question of the week

To practice is not just about to study hard. You need to enjoy it and to be creative with it. That’s why we wrote a question per week, so you can have more inspiration while studying and enjoy your practice routine.

Why is this module important?

This part is essential because:

  • To practice is not just about hard work; it’s also to be creative.
  • To get aware also about the musical side.

Result that you have by doing so:

  • You will have fun while practising, which will make you improve faster.
  • You’ll also improve musically and not only technically
  • You’ll start to make your own choices on musical pieces so that they’ll become more personal.

Once you have completed all the modules I assure you, you ‘ll feel different. You’ll think that you have enough time to study everything you need to, you will feel more focused. You’ll also have better music lessons with your teacher, as you’ll advance quickly and because your teacher will appreciate your work in having this journal. You’ll feel more confident that you can make music, it’s not just a dream – you don’t have to be a talent (if it exists).

How much does it cost?

There’re a lot of things similar to our journal, but nothing comes close to it. While projecting it, we were thinking about it as we were the students. Since WE ARE and WE HAVE BEEN music students, we thought this journal to give this following advantages:

  • Simple, so that you lose the least amount of time for planning with it
  • Efficient, so that you can focus only on the crucial things you have to study
  • Practical so that you can have it always with you in your bag.

The excellent news is that we’re selling these first copies of the MUSICALMENTE JOURNAL with the price tag of 15€. (expedition excluded)

Order your Music Journal now!

There’s no better time than now to start being efficient in your study time.
There’s no better way to do it without the Studio MusicalMente Journal!
The next step is easy:

PS: Studio MusicalMente Journal is the only journal that will make you progress musically in less time, have better music lessons and have fun with music.

PS: Only available in The Netherlands. 14 days-money back guarantee (expeditions for returning for your own account)

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