... before your try-out lesson!


Thank you for having booked the try-out lesson with us! We are really interested in knowing you better and, for doing so, we created this simple questionnaire that will takes  you just 5 minutes of your time. Knowing what you expect from us  from the very first moment, it’ll help us to understand what to provide you. Turn off the phone and any distraction devices!

We really appreciate you investing your time with us - the last thing we want is to waste it!


What is your favorite musical genre?

What is the biggest problem you are facing with having music lesson? (For example: you fear judgement; you think you aren’t musical; you have specific technical issues or you simply don’t know what you can improve.)

Did you already try other music teachers? Eventually, why do you want to change?

Is it you the decision maker for having music lessons or is also someone else involved?
Is there anything you would like us to know that would hold you back from enrolling in our course today?
Why did you decide to apply?
Why is now a good time to start making music?
Why do you think the teachers of Studio MusicalMente are the right people to help you improve your musicality?

If we decided to work together on your music, what would need to happen over the next year for you to  make this investment worth it?

Thank you for compiling the questionnaire! We're looking foward to meet you on the first try-out lesson!