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Here you find the prices for all our music lessons

Individual or group Lessons

For the individual lessons we work with 10-lesson cards. The group lessons can be a 10 week course or a monthly subscription, depending on which type of group course you take. Please check out the prices below.

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Prices individual lessons

Individual Lessons

The 10-lesson card allows you to plan your lessons well, so you won’t lose your lessons. Together with your teacher, you plan the lessons in advance.  The 10-lesson card is valid for 3 months.

10 lesson card adults over 21 years old

10 lesson card children/adults under 21 years old

Prices group lessons

Group lessons

We offer different types of Group lessons. The group lessons are thought for beginners who want to discover more about music, piano and singing. 

Prices Piano Groups

Price Singing group (Coming soon)


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