How to become a hero parent

An introduction to Teaching Music to Children

by Luca Ridolfo

“My heroes are and were my parents. I can’t see having anyone else as my heroes.” (Michael Jordan) 

Choosing the right thing

It’s such a big task to be your children’s hero and to provide them the best choices possible. Choices are everywhere: from food to clothes, from health to education. What about education? We want them to grow up independent, to have their own ideas and maybe conquer their little world with those creative solutions that make them original and able “to cut through the noise “. How can we, their heroes, help them to achieve these results and enjoy their life?

Of course, we can make them doing sports and then when they come back home tired, watch tons of television programs and Youtube Vlogs. Everything they want is immediately available. But how can they develop their own ideas and be ready for the “real life” in a world where it’s all standardized? How can they develop that patience to reach their own aims even though it takes time to get there? As a hero parent, you’d like to give every tool needed to not make them discouraged to whatever challenging situation they encounter in their path!

How music helps

Although not being the only possible choice, music education can really improve children’s life. The constant small challenges that the little student has to face makes him/her put all his effort and attention towards solving them. When your child plays Beethoven’s Für Elise and can’t reach all the notes in the left hand because they’re far apart, he or she has to find a way to overcome this challenge. To suddenly realize that, with a little bit of effort, this can be done it improves their self-esteem.

Connecting the challenges to their world, their fables and fantasies, as we do in Studio MusicalMente, makes the child willing to find a solution to the problem. Engaging them through games and stories makes it real fun to learn music and the instrument. Of course, the activities will be based on the age of the child and his/her attention span . Keeping them engaged and stepping up their effort will improve their attention and awareness – a serious help in their life outside the music school! 

Studying MusicalMente

Singing musical notes, clapping rhythms, jumping on our mega keyboard, inventing new musical stories with Pinocchio and Snow White are just a few activities present in our Creative Learning for kids. To not just simply playing the keys of the piano for a small song, but to be able to understand the meaning of this little tune and customize it, that is what makes the difference! To be able to create a story underneath, to think in terms of “what musical instrument should play this melody” is the first step for making music in a conscious and creative way. What if the fact of being able to express a concept in his/her own way could be transferred in his/her daily life?

Luca Ridolfo with pictures of instruments and animals game

Although as teachers we don’t know what you think is best for your children, you can start to free up their creative expression starting from now, as they’re still young! Book now a try-out lesson with us!

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