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Age for piano lessons adults

At which age should I take my first piano lesson?

Many adults think that your first piano lesson should be at a very young age for various reasons. The most common one is: "the younger you are, the faster your brain is to absorb concepts". While it's right on a certain degree, still you can have your first piano lesson in your adult age.

Age for piano lessons adults

The biggest excuse

It’s such a common thing that adults avoid starting playing the piano just because they think they should have started before. The biggest excuse they give is: “I should have started before when I was a child because of…”:

  • Children have more time
  • Children have a snappier brain
  • Children are like a blank paper
  • Have you ever heard about prodigy adults???
  • Etc,etc,etc

Simply because of these negative thoughts, adults avoid taking their first piano lesson, leaving piano playing just a dream. They don’t realize that even they have their advantages! Read also this article about starting a musical instrument as an adult.

Your advantages as an adult piano beginner

Even adults have their advantages; the problem is:

  • They don’t even know them!
  • They don’t exploit them

Those advantages are: 

  • You have less time, but you’re more able to manage it, compared to a child
  • Your brain is busier compared to a child but you have a better focus
  • You’re like a written paper, so you have more knowledge!
  • It’s your personal choice to play the piano! Therefore, no one is forcing you to play and practice! 


Just considering these advantages, you can really go far! Having proper management of time, a suitable study method and perseverance, you can become a good piano player, even if you would like to play just for fun!

The biggest advantage

You have even a more significant advantage compared to the ones I wrote before! The power to make a CHOICE! Being able to make choices is a thing that you can only acquire growing, thanks to your experiences! A child will never have the ability to make smarter choices than you.

To make intelligent choices, you need knowledge and awareness, and that’s why you’re reading these articles. (See for example the difference between a piano lesson for adults or for children.) Educate yourself to make the best choice, without cherry-picking randomly: if you would like to have your first piano lesson, learn more about it here! Get all the materials we prepared for you, read it, even call me if you have questions!

What's the right age for starting piano lessons as an adult?

the right time to start your first piano lesson is NOW! You live in the present, you cannot modify the past, but you can forge your future. Whatever your age is, it’s now you can make your decisions for a better future. Make now the decision to read more about having your first piano lesson and then take the initiative to book your first try-out lesson!

p.s. If you think I’m just selling you music lessons: I’m not the only one saying you can still start. Read also this article about starting as an adult.

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