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Piano Lessons in Den Haag

Piano Lessons
in Den Haag

Are you looking for piano lessons in Den Haag? On this page Luca Ridolfo explains what he thinks is important when you want to start with piano lessons.

Playing piano can be one of the most beautiful experience in your life. Still it can also be boring and frustrating if not learned properly and with a good preparation. Like the most simple game, once you know the rules, it’s a matter of taking good decisions in order to make playing piano a personal experience!


Piano lessons: where to start

The piano seems an easy instrument, because you have all the keys visible beneath your fingers and you have no influence on the tuning. Still, in the first lesson I speak about how to manage our body better in order to produce the wanted sound (aka technique) because you can easily get stuck. In my first years of teaching piano, in fact, I found it difficult to keep students interested in practicing some technique exercises, for they can be really boring! That’s why I developed exercises that make sense, so you won’t get stuck. Because music isn’t boring and never should be!

--Sad but true: many teachers take the shortcut instead, teaching a shallow way of playing the piano that leads to poor technique (with sometimes even injuries), poor sound control and totally dependence on the teacher’s thought. --

A different Approach

Through the years, I developed a personal approach to teaching which involves students in both creatively and technical way. It’s aim is to develop a complete musical sense. In this way the “boring” stuff is taken to a new level, transforming the technical exercise into a musical one. This is where most teacher fail, for they prescribe books full of exercises with no musical sense. If music would be just a technical matter, why then is music still made by humans and not by robots?

Why I teach piano

I remember the instructions I got in my early piano lessons:

–   “Play this passage again with a stronger sound.”;
–   “Don’t place your fingers like this, look at mine how to do it.”; or:
–   “Play this chord instead of that one.”

I did it of course, but I still didn’t have any clue of the why I should do all those things. In my head, I had more than one question mark and I was seriously committed to finding the reason why I had to change things. Because in the end the reason is the core of the problem. Sometimes I had the sensation teachers just provided me with shortcuts and not the full explanations I needed to find my own way of playing the piano. Fortunately afterwards I met some great teachers who were willing to transmit their knowledge to me. For me, the successful teacher it’s the one that gives students ways to understand the problems they’re facing and being able to find solutions independently and creatively. This is what I want to transmit to you, so you won’t be left with question marks.

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My way of teaching

“Creative teaching”

Music is a part of everyone’s everyday life. We can find it everywhere in various forms and in its own complexity. Nowadays, we don’t need to go to a theater to listen to it – just an ipod. Even if we don’t want to listen to music, still it’s present in the supermarket!
A problem now arises: when the student takes music lessons, music appears to be really distant from our daily lives! And although the nature of music is engaging, it’s is often taught in way that we cannot compare to our life experiences. Also in music lessons we need to express our thoughts through the music, this is especially important for children.

 Focusing on that can make a big difference in the experience of the lessons. Therefore in this era, it’s the teacher who has to adapt to the student. In Studio MusicalMente we do this in a way we call Creative Teaching!
Creative Teaching is about knowing the student, knowing his/her world and take music to a portable level comparing his/her experience with musical thoughts. Students can be really surprised by my metaphors and, although sometimes really funny, they really understand the point of what I’m talking about!

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Teaching children - teaching adults

Teaching adults is one thing, teaching children is another! Adults are rationals, although dealing with music and emotions, still they need to know why we’re doing a certain thing rather than another! Children, in the other hands, are like white papers still yet to be written: they trust you as a teacher, they trust your process, but only if this is related to FUN and GAME! The fact of transforming all the technical part into game is really hard for a teacher to accomplish and why we take a musical decision has to be related to their world rather than using complex terminology and explanation. Read also: Adults and Music Lessons

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