Piano Basics
Summer Course

Learn the Piano Basics in Three Short Days this Summer!

Have you always dreamed of playing the piano, but are you hesitating to commit to a full year of lessons? Well, have no fear! 

We made an exciting new piano course specifically for beginners like you. In only three engaging piano lessons this summer, you’ll be introduced to the basics of piano playing. You’ll have classes with a small group of like-minded adults eager to learn to play the piano. 

While you may not become a concert pianist overnight, you’ll gain a solid foundation in piano playing. This will make you confident and inspired to continue your musical journey.

Piano Lesson Group Studio MusicalMente

Here's everything you'll receive as part of this exciting piano course:

Piano Basics Summer Course

1. Three 1.5-hour lessons with a small group of fellow beginners.

The classes are scheduled in the same week, ensuring you can complete the course quickly without filling your complete summer schedule.

Piano Basics Summer Course

2. Your very own 'Intro to Piano' book.

The book is complete with the songs you'll be playing. The songs are simplified, so you can start playing them from your first lesson.

Piano Basics Summer Course

3. An 'Intro to Theory' book.

Music is so much more than just playing the right notes at the right time. With the 'Intro to Theory' book you'll discover the many facets of music playing.

Piano Basics Summer Course

4. A 'Intro to Reading Notes' booklet

This will help you become more proficient in reading notes on the staff. In this way you will learn songs by yourself, without needing to find a YouTube video to show you how to play.

Piano Basics Summer Course

5. Access to free videos.

With the course, you'll get short videos to review what you learned in class and learn songs from the 'Intro to Piano Workbook.' These videos will help you remember or catch up if you missed a lesson.

Every Student who completes the course also gets:

An ‘intro to Music Certificate’ 

A Graduation Photo

Our piano course is taught by an expert instructor who has designed the curriculum specifically with beginners in mind. Even if you have no prior experience or limited musical ability, our comprehensive program will guide you through the basics and build upon them to help you gain confidence and skill at your own pace.

Are you ready to take the first step on your musical journey? Don’t wait any longer – fill out the form below and let us help you get started! Plus, you get to choose your preferred dates for the course to fit your schedule. Sign up now for this opportunity to discover the joy of playing the piano!

Practical Details


In the month of July, we give this course twice. You can choose which week is best for you.

Days: Mo 24-7, Tue 25-7, We 26-7 

Time: 11.00h – 12.30h


Luca Ridolfo
Contact: +316-53917314


Studio Musicalmente: In Het Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27 Den Haag, room 1.11
(City Center Den Haag)

The lessons are taking place in Studio MusicalMente in the building called “In Het Koorenhuis”. It’s located 2 minutes from Grotemarkt in Den Haag. It’s easily reachable by public transport (tram 6-4-2-3 and bus 25) and there’s a parking slot for the ones who are coming by car.

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* Register before the 16th of July 2023 and pay only 197€ (instead of 245€) for the course + the books. Enrollments are now open for our next summer sessions - Fill in the form below.

Money back guarantee!

We’re so sure that you’ll love our course that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, just let us know at the end of the first piano lesson (in person) and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your musical goals and we stand behind our course with this ironclad guarantee. So enroll with confidence and discover the joy of playing the piano!

Complete the form below to be contacted to complete your subscription!

If you want to know more about this course, fill out the form below. We will contact you to provide additional information about it. Once everything is clear, we will proceed with finalizing your subscription.


Everything you need to participate in this course is included in the price.

Fill out the form above with your contact details, and the piano teacher will get in touch with you via email or phone to complete the enrollment process.

Our course is designed to be completed in just three 1.5-hour lessons over three days, understanding that your time is valuable. While it’s important to note that becoming a master pianist in such a short time is not realistic, the course provides a solid foundation to get you started. You can quickly learn basic piano skills without dedicating your entire summer. If you wish to continue progressing, you are welcome to join one of our extended piano courses.

Absolutely! At Studio MusicalMente, we regularly offer piano classes in a group format. In fact, Luca Ridolfo has developed a specific system for our piano group classes, allowing individuals to participate regardless of their prior experience or knowledge of playing the piano.

The maximum number of participants allowed per course is limited to 5 people.

The primary language of instruction for this course is English. However, the teacher, Luca Ridolfo, is also fluent in Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.

You can’t make up missed lessons, but we have short videos available for you to review the concepts covered in each lesson.

If something unexpected comes up and you can no longer attend the course, you can request a full refund of the fee before the course starts. However, this option is no longer available once the course has started.

This course is for adults who want to try piano lessons at Studio MusicalMente and see what it looks like. You can take the first lesson and if you’re not happy, we’ll refund the full course fee.

You do not require a piano at home in order to participate in this course. This is because the course is designed as an introduction,so we don’t expect you to practice playing the piano between lessons.

If you’re unhappy with the initial lesson and don’t wish to continue with the remaining course, please inform us of your decision at the end of the lesson. By doing so, you will receive a full refund of the entire course fee.