Open Piano Lessons

Piano lessons for busy people

Open Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for busy Adults

If you would like to start playing the piano, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Something you can think of is that it takes time to play better, faster and more complex songs – regardless of the genre you want to play.

You can imagine the patience you need to practice almost every day. Surely you don’t want to be the ‘bad’ student in front of the teacher for not having put the work outside your lessons. But what if you really had no time to dedicate to it?

Plus, you have to spend money on a good piano, without even being sure if it’s something you will continue or leave after a few lessons. 

What about the piano teacher? Private one-on-one lessons also cost money. Why spend so much money when you just want to play simple songs with your piano at home? 

Are you in this situation?

piano-courses open piano course

If you would like to play the piano and:

  1. Learn to play the piano at your own pace, without feeling the stress but pleasure from your piano experience.
  2. Try and see if playing the piano is something for you without investing too much upfront.
  3. Spend little time practising the piano.
  4. Wait before spending your money on a piano. You only want to buy a piano when you are sure that piano playing is something for you.
  5. Find something that doesn’t cost as much as private lessons.
  6. Meet new people who share the same passion for playing the piano.
  7. Learn simple and easy songs without willing to become an incredible concert pianist.

If this is you…

…then I have the solution for you.

I’m Luca Ridolfo, the piano teacher of Studio MusicalMente – Den Haag. 

In the OPEN PIANO GROUP I teach people like you who are looking for an alternative to the old one-on-one plain lessons (the old style) you can find somewhere else. These groups are perfect for beginners who want to start playing the piano in a simple way, sharing their experience with other people.

Here’s how you can start playing the piano in the OPEN PIANO GROUP

Prices group music lessons

Meet new people: your piano mates!

You will first meet your piano mates and me in the piano room. We will introduce each other so that everyone starts to get along. Feeling like a group is something that will make you able to meet new people and have fun while learning to play the piano.


Learn the basics you need to play the piano!

At the beginning of each lesson, you will learn the basics of music: the notes, the rhythm and all the other things you need to know how to play whatever song you want. Because you’re in a group, you can always review some concepts that are unclear to you and get help from your piano mates. Sometimes they also have some nice tips and tricks that will help you to understand better or even to “cheat” at the piano!

Open Piano Lessons

Play a song whatever your level is!

After you understand the basics, you will play a new song step-by-step from the easy pop and ever-green songs collection you probably have heard of. You will find these in the book I’ve created for you. This is something you cannot find somewhere else because it’s the system I’ve developed for the OPEN PIANO GROUP. Each song has five levels, from the simplest to the most advanced. In this way people of different levels can play the same song together, forming what I call “the piano orchestra”! You will play your first song even without knowing the notes, without fearing being less than those who have already started before you. You will feel accepted whatever your level is!

This piano course is nothing like you have ever seen before, and this is why:

  • YOU decide (with your piano peers) what you will play! It’s not the teacher who does so. You will play only what you really like.
  • It’s not only you and the teacher but you plus other people. These courses are also an easy way to meet new people. Many of our students become friends after our courses.
  • You decide when to come to the lesson. If you skip one, you won’t feel you have lost something from the previous lesson. Plus, you can decide on which day of the week to come by booking your slot in our online system (it works like whatever gym!).
  • NO complicated stuff or technical exercises. If you are looking for something more specific, we have better courses to fit this need (check them out here).
  • It’s not like some piano apps that give you no feedback. Don’t you know how to play a passage? Don’t you know how to play it better? Just ask, and the teacher will show you the best way to play it!
  • Practising it’s up to you. You’re the best judge of yourself and your time and you practice only if you’re up to it. With the special format of our lesson and methodology, you will see signs of progress no matter what.
  • Are you improving from lesson to lesson and want to try something harder? You can do it by playing a harder arrangement of the piece.
  • You will play your first song in your first lesson. The first level is explicitly taught to people who don’t know to read notes. Position your hands as shown in the pictures and play with the keys shown.
  • Every time you’ll play on different pianos and keyboards. In this way, you will be able to play on whatever keyboard. You don’t need to bring your piano.

BEWARE - this is not for you if…

you want to play complex classical music and play them right from the very beginning, this course is not the right for you. But if you mostly want to play simple songs and melodies adapted for beginners, you will like this course.

If you are ok with learning things step-by-step and having patience when something is unclear, you will enjoy playing in the OPEN PIANO GROUP!

What you get in the

Here’s what you will get in your group piano lessons:

  • One hour of piano lessons each week. That’s the best amount of time to learn to play the piano without being in a hurry.
  • Music Sheets are included – you don’t have to buy other books. We’ll provide everything you need without you spending other money.
  • Booklet “First Steps – The Basis”. This booklet will easily explain all the basics of music theory basics. With this, you can recap what you thought you understood at the lesson or had forgotten. 
  • Special discounts for Studio MusicalMente courses.

Practical Details

I’m interested, how does it work and how much does it cost?


  • Monday 19.00 – 20.00
  • Monday 18.00 – 19.00


Studio Musicalmente: In Het Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27 Den Haag, room 1.11
(City Center Den Haag)

The lessons are taking place in Studio MusicalMente in the building called “In Het Koorenhuis”. It’s located 2 minutes from Grotemarkt in Den Haag. It’s easily reachable by public transport (tram 6-4-2-3 and bus 25) and there’s a parking slot for the ones who are coming by car.


1st lesson – 15€
Come to your first lesson for 15€ – no strings attached.

By clicking on the button below, you will redirect to the form where you can request your first tryout lesson.

We will then contact you with all the information. 

€ 129 per month 
If you are then happy with it and you would like to continue, you’ll pay only 129€ per month. 


Luca Ridolfo

How can I try the OPEN PIANO GROUP?

Because I want you to be 100% sure about the Open Piano Group being something for you, you can book your first try-out lesson. This is the best way for you to see if it’s something that can interest you. 

The first lesson is only 15€, no strings attached. You won’t commit to following more lessons if you don’t like them. 

Booking your first lesson takes only 2 minutes. 

Click the button below. Then, compile the form to receive more information about your questions and to book your try-out lesson.

Who is the teacher?

Luca Ridolfo Piano Teacher

Luca Ridolfo

Piano Teacher

Luca started to play the piano at the age of 8 years old, showing also an early interest in writing his own music. During his course of studying he has followed lessons with jazz and classical teachers from all around the world, inspired by their musical point of view which he transmitted to his students in his prior teaching experiences in Italy and in Spain. Luca, while trying to learn Dutch at his own best, is able to give lessons in English, Italian and Spanish.

"The teacher is the person that gives the student the tools to make himself/herself independent in a way that he/she is able to understand the music in the truest form."


The lessons are not refundable and are not meant to be recovered. You can still talk with the teacher and see if there’s another free spot in another group for you. 

You can do so but check the availability to do so by asking the teacher. 

No, the lessons are not cumulative. That means that you cannot postpone the lessons not taken in the next month

Just send an email to stating that you want to quit having lessons. Cancel your subscription before the end of the month.

All the lessons which are already paid in advance are not meant to be recovered. 

The course cost 129€ per month. The sum has to be paid in advance.  

These lessons cost less than other courses because these are group lessons. Plus, these are meant as a sort of introduction to learning to play the piano in an easy and accessible way.

These lessons are meant more as a fun way to begin your journey in playing the piano. The one-o-one lessons are meant more for people with particular needs and who are willing to put time and effort into practising playing the piano.

Please, book a tryout lesson on:    . You will then be able to book a lesson in which you can discuss better the various solutions available for you in Studio MusicalMente.

The courses follow the dutch school calendar. You can check the lessons here: In total, per school year, there are 38 lessons.

You will receive an invoice from us and you have to pay in advance for the lessons for the current month. 

No, we will not invoice you if the month has zero lessons.

Yes, the cost is the same. We did an average cost between the months which have more and less than 4 lessons. In this way, we made it simpler for both you and us so that we avoid confusion in terms of pricing.

If you’re going to join us after the month has started, you will pay only the remaining lessons of that month. After that, you’ll pay 129€ per month.

No! There will be different keyboards in which you can play in our studio.

Since Studio MusicalMente is the first music school for adults in Den Haag, you’re welcome to participate in the Open Group if you are +18.