The name 'Studio MusicalMente' expresses the philosophy we use to teach music, which is to think musically, because as we are musicians ourselves, we feel it's important to think about the meaning of music.

Our name is made of two words. The Italian word ‘Studio’ can have two different meanings: ‘lo studio’ as a place to work and ‘studio’ from the verb studiare which mean “I study”.

The suffix ‘–mente’ derives from the latin ‘mente’, ablative of ‘mens’ which means “mind, intellect, intelligence”. So, the word musicalmente means ‘with a musical mental attitude’.
The complete name means this: I study with a musical mental attitude.

This means a lot to us, because we think the technical aspect is directly connected to the musical aspect.

And therefore it makes the student realize that specific technical solutions lead to defined and precise musical sounds and results. In this way the student will fully understand that the music is not the printed score, which rather is a simple written approximation of what the music should really be.

The facilities in the studio, such as audio/video recording gears, permit the student to be fully aware of the concepts learned during the lessons by reflecting on their own progress.