MusicalMente Book Music Journal

The Studio MusicalMente Journal is a journal that makes you accountable for how you’re doing at home. For every week there are two pages, in which you can plan your work so that you know every time what to study, how to study, and how to make your practice routine creative.

You can plan 35 weeks of studying in your journal.

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MusicalMente Book Music Journal



The journal comes out in A4 format physical product, ring binding, so it’s easier for you to take notes and fold it. We have chosen quality paper, so you can cancel and rewrite things without breaking pages. You’ll receive it through via courier.

There are three different modules in the journal to plan your week in the best way possible so that you can make the most out of your time.

Module 1: The grid

This part is the core of the journal. Here you can write all the exercises and pieces you have to study. And not only (that why is different!): you can tick every day you study something, so you can see for real if you are constant in your studies.

We also added a column for the time it takes to you to study that particular piece. This estimation could be given by the teacher or you if you have the experience to do so.

Module 2: the grey area section

In this part, you can write down the difficult parts you’re encountering while you study. In this way, you can assure yourself to study those particular “grey areas” in which you need specific attention, so they’ll become more comfortable to be played.

Module 3: The question of the week

To practice is not just about to study hard. You need to enjoy it and to be creative with it. That’s why we wrote a question per week, so you can have more inspiration while studying and enjoy your practice routine.

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A4 booklet, 72 pages