Learn to play chords

Why you cannot play chords by heart

…and how a kid of 5 years old can learn to play chords, even if he doesn’t read notes.

Learn To Play Chords

Dear reader,

If you are having serious problems in playing chords, you’ll be happy to have found this page.

A lot of people every week ask me:
“How can you play those chords so effortlessly, without even having the time to think about them?”

I have the answer. I have an almost infallible system to teach you how to play chords. Apply it literally, and you’ll play whatever song in less than a month.

This is the basic and fundamental training [so no “strange” chords like Cm7(b5) or F#7maj7(#5)].

Here you'll learn how to:

Learn to play chords

Play different chords

Play major, minor, augmented, diminished triads. You’ll be well prepared to play whatever pop tune.

Learn to play chords

Play chord progressions

Play the common chord sequences (aka progressions) so that you can start to create your own song.

Learn to play chords

Make music with chords

Play chords musically and how to make them sound better.


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However, I’ll release this workout only if 250 subscriptions will subscribe in the form below. Yes, I’m just testing out if it’s worth it to publish it or not. 

So if won’t receive 250 subscriptions, I’ll delete it. 

If I’ll receive all these subscriptions, I’ll decide to:

  • Give the main PDF for free the. You’ll learn how to play chords immediately. FREE ONLY FOR MY SUBSCRIBERS! This because you believed in this project from the very beginning.
  • Give you the PDF Chord Workout for a special price. This is the training you need for remembering the chords by heart. Whenever you’ll see whatever triad in your music sheet, you’ll be able to play it immediately!

Of course, you’ll be not obliged to buy the workout. You’ll lose a lot; but even with the free PDF, you’ll learn a lot!

Luca Ridolfo

Who Am I?

Luca Ridolfo - Piano Teacher

Luca started to play the piano at the age of 8 years old, showing also an early interest in writing his own music. During his course of studying he has followed lessons with jazz and classical teachers from all around the world, inspired by their musical point of view which he transmitted to his students in his prior teaching experiences in Italy and in Spain. Luca, while trying to learn Dutch at his own best, is able to give lessons in English, Italian and Spanish.

“The teacher is the person that gives the student the tools to make himself/herself independent in a way that he/she is able to understand the music in the truest form.”

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