Improve Your Voice

2 videos to start singing outside the shower

How can you improve your voice? Subscribe and get 6 points packed in 2 videos to start singing better. They are basic points that are important for everybody that loves singing!

With Boukje van Gelder

Vocal teacher in Studio MusicalMente

Improve your voice 2 videos

"Improve Your Voice"
Video 1

sing better

"Improve Your Voice"
Video 2

Why do you need the videos?

Maybe you always liked singing and your favourite singer is your big example. You’ve heard this singer on Youtube, a cd or even live. But whenever you try something yourself, it doesn’t sound that nice. So you give up and think: “It’s better if I stick to singing at loud parties or in the shower so nobody can hear me because I can never have that much talent.

There are two wrong assumptions here.


Your voice is different from your favourite singer and so you will probably never sound the same. This is a good thing because that’s why we have so much diversity in voices.


Your favourite singer is more than a bundle of talent. He or she probably worked for years to get to this stage of vocal brilliance and you never heard the first lessons and rehearsals, just the end product.

So now you see that saying you don’t have talent is like a kid saying it can’t walk without even trying once. The good thing is that it’s never too late to learn something and these videos are a great way to start for learning how to sing better. You will learn how to find your confidence in singing and get useful advice for improving your voice. 

What's your reason to start?

A few examples of why students came to my lessons

I think I have a decent tone at a medium-low volume, but whenever I try to sing louder I feel like my tone loses what makes it pleasant.
I love singing and I think I have a good voice, but I feel I can improve myself even further and I get stuck trying on my own.
I do get a lot of compliments I never trust them completely, maybe people just want to be nice and my 'unique colour' is just synonymous for 'you're not that good'.
I’m shy and not confident so I was always afraid to sing and when I did I had to be really drunk and was always so disappointed I immediately stopped.
I feel a lot of strain in the higher notes and it hurts my throat if I sing that high too long. Also holding a note is not my strongest suit.
I don't exactly like how my voice sounds. My singing voice sounds plain and boring. It sounds as though I’m talking.

What you will learn

How to treat your voice as a musical instrument.

How to improve your pitch

How to judge yourself more objectively

How to pay attention to your posture

How to start controlling your breath

How to relax your jaw

What you will receive

You’ll receive via email the link to access the 2 videos. As there is pretty a lot of content, we decided to split the six points into two videos to simplify your learning experience. You will receive the first video immediately and the second video after two days. You’ll need an internet connection for watching the videos.

Who am I?

My name is Boukje van Gelder and I’ve sung ever since I was 2 years old. At first just with my mum behind the piano, later in children’s choirs and when I was 16, I started with vocal lessons. From then on I gradually improved myself with the help of many great teachers until I ended up as a Master of Music in classical singing. For 5 years I also teach singing and I love doing that because with every student you need to find other ways of helping him or her to get where he or she wants to go.

Why I love singing

Because I can control my voice better than any other musical instruments. I love that it can make so many different kinds of sounds and that it can speak so many languages.