In 2 Videos

Did you know that in just 15 minutes you can become a better pianist thanks to the 6 magic points within the 2 videos you can access now. Your friends will not believe you’re a beginner.

With Luca Ridolfo

Piano Teacher in Studio MusicalMente

How to be a better pianist in 2 videos

Video 1

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Video 2

If you had piano lessons but you didn’t see the results you were expecting then the 6 points in the 2 videos I prepared for you will change automatically your piano playing. 

Probably in the past you already studied or, still, you are studying with a teacher but with no big results. Then you went through the internet, watched videos about piano playing, read blog posts, read forums. Again, no improvement. Bought new books… no improvements. 

The only reasonable thing for you is: “I have no talent!”.. You have tried everything and you’ve arrived at the bottom line. “It’s better that I leave the piano and dedicate myself to something simpler”

But then you think…

“what about all the time that I spent instead of staying with my family or with my friends…. What about all the money I spent till now… I could have spent them for a nice vacation, drinks and some parties”. Imagine you’re saying to your beloved or your friends you’re going to quit piano playing…can you imagine their reaction? Of course, they will forgive you, even though we don’t know what they’ll think inside their head (… and maybe it’s better like that).

Maybe they were thinking from the very first lesson you had no talent, or even that you were better at fishing. It’s even probable that not all your friends didn’t know about you were a pianist! (too much exposure…). What about your boss at work? Instead of studying for becoming a better employee, and earn more money, you just spent your time in your fancy hobby. 

Why Don't you give yourself another chance on the piano?

I know the feeling you have – still another try.. and what if it doesn’t work again? As a teacher, it’s pretty common and the only solution is to change approach.

"Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results"

Do you ever read or listen to this quote? It’s true also in playing the piano. If you continue with the same thing in the same way you are doing you cannot expect to improve!  And that’s why I created these 2 videos that you can access… to change approach.  Of course, you cannot expect immediately to have results, but I’m giving you 6 points that you can apply them immediately when you’re sitting at the bench of your piano. After applying them for a while I’m sure you’ll notice things that can be improved and that you’ll improve. If you are like some people, even they may get fix by themselves just because you have noticed them! 

How to be a better pianist with the 2 videos?


You’ll get practical advice: it’s not about the power of your mind, some phrases to repeat in the morning or yoga stuff. When I teach my priorities are: to make people save time and to give practical tools.


Advice that I learn from different teachers: they’re the summa of my 20 years of experience playing the piano. Of course, it’s impossible to condensate in two videos my entire knowledge, but these are some main points! 


They are not “learn quickly 500 songs”: these are videos about the base of piano playing and not about learn a lot of songs and playing them badly.

Other Questions

What if everything is going to fail?

As a teacher of Studio MusicalMente (located in Den Haag – NL), we give piano lessons. If it doesn’t work for you we’re happy to help you directly. 

What will you get?

You’ll receive via email the link to access the 2 videos. As there is pretty a lot of content, we decided to split the six points into two videos to simplify your learning experience. You will receive the first video immediately and the second video after two days. You’ll need an internet connection for watching the videos.

Will it work against the teachings of my piano teacher?

The concepts I’ll explain you will add up to what your main teacher says and you’ll even improve faster! 

What if you subscribe but don’t like anything?

You can always unsubscribe to our video with the link in the footer of every email we send to you. The videos will be forever yours. 

What you will learn

How to sit at the piano

Discover how you can play the piano freer with just this posture tip.

How to not misinterpret the word "relaxation"

To avoid injuries to you arms and to have the sound you have ever dreamed

How to choose a piano

How you can buy your instrument without wasting money on the wrong piano

How not to sound boring

How to play in a way that makes you enjoy what you are playing

How to get better at playing piano using your ears

How to think like a professional piano player and set yourself apart from the starters. Beginners focus only on playing while pros focus on how to listen!

How to listen to yourself

How you can get better faster with this useful tip!



Why is it important that you learn from these videos?

You have to get them – full stop! In these videos I simplified my approach in order to be easy to understand by basically everyone. This means that I made easy a few important stepping stones that otherwise you’ll acquire them in years and years of playing piano. Why not spending your time wisely from now, instead of realizing these concepts in a few years? Would you feel like: “if only I had listen to that piano teacher that time…!

How do you know these information?

I studied with different piano teachers, not only one, so what I did is basically assemble everyone’s approach and put them together in order to have an approach that not only fits me in the first person but also the others! What I found out is simply that a lot of teachers say the same things using different words… the problem sometimes is how they use them and, most of the time, they use a cryptic language that makes things harder to apply. What I did it’s a simplification, talking really easy and understandable.

Why is it free?

Instead of making them as a professional secret, I thought that sharing with you my information could make you more aware on how to play the piano and to get know as a piano teacher! Therefore I want always to make the best choices for my students first, and one of them is this, to make these information available to everyone.

OK, but why do I have to believe you?

Then, don’t believe me but… Believe of what my students say:

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