Group Piano

For adult piano beginners
Level 0

Group Piano-

For adult beginners
Level 0

Looking for starting to play the piano?

If you don’t have any experience in music, chances are that you are looking for an easy, accessible and fun piano classes, different from normal ones. What if you can share this experience with people like you? People who like to have an open learning environment without the pressure of performing in front of the teacher. 

If this is you, the group piano lessons of Studio MusicalMente are the new format for you! 

What's in the course?

Discover if playing the piano is really the satisfying hobby you expected.

Starting completely from zero, you’ll learn to play the piano alone and with other players (with up to 3 other people).

In ten lessons, you will have a basic understanding of making music and reading notes and you will be able to play a simple tune with both hands.

Plus, between one lesson and the other, you’ll know what to practice at home thanks to the video lessons in our Online Education Platform.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in the Level 0

  • How to play the piano with the entire arm to make it easier. Beginners think that playing the piano is just about a “finger workout”, and that’s why playing the piano becomes something difficult and tiresome for our hands.
  • How to read the violin clef and which keys correspond to the note in the staff.
  • How to read the rhythm, so you’ll be sure to play the song right.
  • How to practice the songs with the metronome. We’ll do this together, so it’ll become a helpful tool instead of being your worst enemy!
  • How to play single notes folk songs, learning how to coordinate the two hands, plus “Ode to Joy” and “We are the Champions”. 
  • How to play not-legato (notes separated) and legato (notes glued together), so that you’ll start playing the piano in different ways, and so your music.
  • How to play with different dynamics (loud-soft), so that you’ll play musically.
  • The first articulations (staccato, accentato, tenuto), so that you’ll have different colours in your piano playing palette.   
  • Thanks to a step-by-step approach, you will learn to play all these concepts in a single song.

Here’s what you are NOT going to learn in this course:

  • You’re not going to learn how to play chords. Many methods and teachers make beginners students play chords in the first lessons. Ask whatever student of piano, and you’ll discover that chords are the most difficult to play good technically-wise. Because chords require you to already possess a good technique, that’s why you’re not going to learn them in Level 0.
  • You’re not going to learn a complex classical repertoire. Since it’s level 0, we will play easy pieces that fit the beginner level. 
  • You’re not going to play “piano exercises”, like scales. We’ll learn the technique by playing simple short pieces.

What does the piano lesson look like?

In every lesson you’ll start with a small recap of what we have done in the past ones.

Then, you’ll practice a new song together with the group. We’ll do it piece by piece, practicing in a very simple way. First by yourself and then in the group.

From the first lesson, we’ll make music together by playing a special group song with different sounds. You’ll sound immediately great!

You’ll learn the theory of understanding the music you’re playing.

After the lesson, you won’t go home unprepared. Thanks to the video lessons in your online student area, you can re-watch the songs practiced so that you don’t forget anything. Plus, with the Studio MusicalMente Music Planner at the end of the Music Exercise Book, you’ll immediately know what and how to practice.

Some students struggle to read notes. That’s why we also included the Studio MusicalMente Reading Notes Workbook in the price for you to get your reading skills quickly on a good level!

Benefits: 10 reasons why to take the course?

  1. Share the fun of learning to play the piano with other beginners.
  2. Discover if piano playing is something for you, in an easy way.
  3. Get a solid basic skill in the instrument.
  4. Immediately overcome the fear of playing in front of others.
  5. Use different pianos to learn how to respond to different instruments.
  6. No stress course: if you don’t like to play the piano, you can get a refund after the first lesson or stop after the course is finished.
  7. Re-watch the songs we practiced so that you can recap the tunes seen.
  8. Friendly price for beginners.
  9. Know clearly what to practice at home. No guessing involved.
  10. Meet new people to enjoy playing piano

Practical Details

Tuesday evening groups:

  • Tuesday Evening (19.00 – 20.00)


€ 349 incl. VAT for 10 group piano lessons of 1 hour
After you have contacted us, we will send you an invoice.


Studio Musicalmente: In Het Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27 Den Haag, room 1.11
(City Center Den Haag)


Max Participants: 4 per course
Min. Participants: 2 per course


Luca Ridolfo

Dates of the 10 lessons:

  1. Tuesday 8-3,
  2. Tuesday 15-3,
  3. Tuesday 22-3,
  4. Tuesday 29-3,
  5. Tuesday 5-4,
  6. Tuesday 12-4
  7. Tuesday 19-4,
  8. Tuesday 26-4,
  9. Tuesday 10-5,
  10. Tuesday 17-5


Public Holidays: 3-5 NO LESSON

Who is the teacher?

Luca Ridolfo Piano Teacher

Luca Ridolfo

Piano Teacher

Luca started to play the piano at the age of 8 years old, showing also an early interest in writing his own music. During his course of studying he has followed lessons with jazz and classical teachers from all around the world, inspired by their musical point of view which he transmitted to his students in his prior teaching experiences in Italy and in Spain. Luca, while trying to learn Dutch at his own best, is able to give lessons in English, Italian and Spanish.

"The teacher is the person that gives the student the tools to make himself/herself independent in a way that he/she is able to understand the music in the truest form."

See Luca playing in 3 piano styles

How is it different from other piano lessons?

  • Easy step-by-step approach to learn how to play the piano. We took out the complicated stuff.
  • Friendly price for beginners.
  • Know clearly what to practice at home. No guessing involved.
  • Do you have an hard time to remember stuff? You can rewatch the music we played.
  • MusicalMente Group lesson Method developed specifically for group piano lessons.
  • Practice with different pianos.
€ 349
10 group piano lessons of 1 hour + Reading Notes Workbook + Music Book + Videos/MP3


Yes. To get the most out of this course you need a piano to practice at home in between the lessons. We recommend you to buy or rent a piano before the course starts. The first two weeks of the course the teacher will keep in mind that you might not have a piano to practice yet. After that, we expect you to have a piano at home to practice. If your have questions or you want advice on which piano to buy, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher.

See for more information on which piano to buy this page:

Which piano should I buy?

The course has no recovery lessons if you have to cancel a lesson. There will be video material available, so you can still follow what happened in that week’s lesson.

After you do the subscription you will receive an invoice with a 2-week payment period. At the very latest, payments must be made before the course starts. Payment is only possible through Ideal, PayPal or directly on our bank account. We don’t accept cash. 

The first lesson you have the possibility to decide if you want to continue the course or not. You have to be present in the first lesson to quit the course.  If at that moment you decide you don’t want to continue the course, you can quit and get a refund. You will only need to pay € 15 of administration fee. From the second lesson on, the course is not refundable.

Payment in instalments is not possible. Upon registration, the full amount must be paid within the payment period on the invoice and at least before the course starts.

In case of a lockdown, there is no refund, but the lessons will continue after the lockdown.

No, everything you will need will be included in the course price, including the book where all the songs are.