Choir singing lessons

Group lessons in Den Haag
For Choir amateurs

Do you want to improve your choir skills?

You sing* in a choir and you want to:

  • Have more specific tips on how to use your voice
  • Improve your sight singing and musical understanding
  • Get more confidence and strength in your voice
  • Learn how to hold your part without the help of other choir members
  • Sing in a small group, so you can hear what you’re doing

Then you can do the Studio MusicalMente Choir Singing Lessons. In a small group you can work on your tone in choir singing while there is still room for individual help from the teacher.

* Or sang or want to sing

Are you a complete beginner?

We have a special course from level 0 for singing beginners.

What’s in the choir singing course?

This 10-lesson workshop is specifically made for people who already have experience in singing. You don’t have to know anything about vocal technique, but you’re expected to be able to keep your tone.

We will sing different songs in multiple-voice harmony. In every song we work on how the group can sound good together and how you as an individual singer can fit in while using your fullest voice.

You will also get a basic understanding of music theory. Together we work on sight-singing from sheet music.

Plus, between one lesson and the other, you’ll know what to practice at home thanks to the video lessons and the planner (included in the price course)

Video group piano lessons
You can re-watch every lesson online

What do the choir singing lessons look like?

Every lesson we start with a vocal warmup to warm up your voice and to get used to each other. We do a body warmup and three simple vocal exercises. You will get some tips on how to use your body efficiently while singing.

After that we do a recap of the previous lesson.

Next we will do practical music theory. The music theory will all be applied immediately in an exercise, like singing really easy lines from sheet music.

After that we practice a polyphonic piece that suits the group. We check where the  difficulties are and how we can practice them. Of course, we will also work on the sound of the group together

After the lesson, you won’t go home unprepared. Thanks to the video lessons in your online student area, you can re-watch the lessons so that you don’t forget anything. Plus, with the Studio MusicalMente Music Planner, you’ll immediately know what and how to practice.

Some students struggle to read notes. That’s why we also included the Studio MusicalMente Reading Notes Workbook in the price for you to get your reading skills quickly on a good level!

Benefits: 10 reasons for taking choir singing lessons:

  1. In a small group you can improve your singing together with others, but still get individual attention
  2. You can learn how to keep your own part steady without the other choir singers to help you.
  3. You can work on your sight singing without bothering the choir if it goes wrong
  4. You can support each other in singing together.
  5. You can also overcome a fear of singing in front of others without immediately being on a stage.
  6. You get a basics in singing technique as well as in musical theory.
  7. You will know what to practice at home, no guessing involved.
  8. You can re-watch the lessons so that you can recap the tunes and exercises we sang
  9. You get a friendly price in comparison to individual lessons
  10. You can meet new people to enjoy singing together.

Practical Details

Wednesday evening group

  • Wednesday Evening (18.00 – 19.00)


€ 329 incl. VAT for 10 group singing lessons of 1 hour
Book online or ask us to send an invoice.


Studio MusicalMente: In Het Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27 Den Haag, room 1.11
(City Center Den Haag)


Max Participants: 4 per course
Min. Participants: 3 per course


Boukje van Gelder

Dates of the 10 lessons:

  1. Wednesday 17-11,
  2. Wednesday 24-11,
  3. Wednesday 1-12,
  4. Wednesday 8-12,
  5. Wednesday 15-12,
  6. Wednesday 22-12,
  7. Wednesday 12-1,
  8. Wednesday 19-1,
  9. Wednesday 26-1,
  10. Wednesday 2-2

Christmas holidays: 29-12 &  5-1 NO LESSON

Who is the teacher?

Boukje van Gelder Vocal teacher

Boukje van Gelder

Vocal Teacher

Boukje started singing when she was two years old. After playing piano and cello she started with vocal lessons and later decided that she wanted to be a singer. She loves to sing Bach and American song repertoire. In her Bachelor’s she did an internship in which she had to give vocal lessons and she liked it so much that she wants to continue to teach.

“To make music with your voice is something beautiful and also personal because every voice has its own sound and colour. With all my vocal teachers I learned different ways to find my own sound in a way that feels free. Now I like to help other people with finding their own sound.”  

€ 329
10 choir singing lessons of 1 hour + Reading Notes Workbook + Music planner + Videos


If you’re not sure if your in the right level for this course, you can request contact with me, so I can try to form an opinion if you fit in this course. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can book a private try-out lesson for € 15 through this link: Book a Try-out lesson.

Yes you can, we will also work on reading notes if necessary and you can get our Reading Notes Workbook included in the price. But it is then expected that you can learn tunes by ear.

If you want to have my personal opinion if I think you fit in this course, you can book a try-out for € 15 lesson: Book a Try-out lesson.

We can still keep distance from each other in the room if we’re in the maximum amount of 5 people. Although there is a ventilation system, there is no possibility to open the windows.

The course has no recovery lessons if you have to cancel a lesson. There will be video material available, so you can still follow what happened in that week’s lesson.

After you do the subscription you will receive an invoice with a 2-week payment period. At the very latest, payments must be made before the course starts. Payment is only possible through Ideal, PayPal or directly on our bank account. We don’t accept cash. 

The first lesson you have the possibility to decide if you want to continue the course or not. You have to be present in the first lesson to quit the course.  If at that moment you decide you don’t want to continue the course, you can quit and get a refund. You will only need to pay € 15 of administration fee. From the second lesson on, the course is not refundable.

Payment in instalments is not possible. Upon registration, the full amount must be paid within the payment period on the invoice and at least before the course starts.

In case of a lockdown, there is no refund, but the lessons will continue after the lockdown.