Singing with Asthma

Singing with Asthma, Zingen met astma

I want to talk about coping with your asthma while singing through four questions:

Can I sing with asthma?
Can I sing in a choir with asthma?
How can asthma medication impact my voice?
How can I cope with my asthma during singing?

How to sing long notes?

how to sing long notes

When we speak we hardly ever think of the length of the words we say. We just say them and usually they’re short.
When we sing this is so different: notes can be very long. In this explanation I will give you tips on how to sing long notes without pressing them. I will give you a technical and a musical path. Both paths reinforce each other.

Why take vocal lessons?

Why take vocal lessons

Why take vocal lessons? 10 Steps you can make with singing when you take vocal lessons You’re on this page because you’re interested in improving your singing, but not sure what vocal lessons can bring you. In this blog, I want to give you some important reasons why vocal lessons help you on your way […]

Why do I have a tight throat in singing


Why do I have a tight feeling in my throat when I sing? 4 focus points for finding out what gives your throat a tight feeling Many people have a tight feeling in their throat when they start with singing, especially when it gets higher. This doesn’t feel nice and it gives the idea that […]

Special Sound

Unique voice

In this blog Boukje looks at unique voice colours. There is not one voice the most beautiful in the world and some voices are hated by some and loved by more.